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It's all about rainbows

I have to admit the first time I saw the photo of the Hygge Scheepjes 2017 'Crochet Along' I knew I would have to take part.

The finished product will be a shawl, an item of clothing I have never worn but it was so beautiful I had to make it. The shawl is designed by Kirsten Ballering and comes in a number of different colourways Pastel, Rainbow and Jewel.

'Hygge' (pronounced 'hue-gah') is a Danish word which means cosiness.

The photo reveals a number of different crochet techniques but also cross stitch. Cross stitch on crochet! Since seeing the photo I have become a little obsessed with this technique and I have been practicing with different designs and different yarns.

When my yarn arrived I quickly crocheted a gauge square, never before have I been so excited to do a swatch because lets face it, no-one likes to do gauge squares. A gauge square is a test square for a pattern to make sure the size of the finished garment is correct, otherwise you could end up with a huge jumper or a teeny tiny hat. However, this gauge square looked so beautiful and interesting I had to do it.

My finished gauge square.

This is my finished gauge square and I cannot wait to start the main garment.

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