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Circle in a square free crochet pattern

As some of you are aware i am taking part in #the100dayproject on Instagram. If you haven't heard of this project you can read about it in my previous blog post here.

It is through this project that I have created this small square, it's a real stash buster and a nice way to experiment with colour. Each square measures 10cm after blocking.

You will need

Scheepjes Stone Washed or River Washed XL ( or any Aran weight yarn)

5mm crochet hook

Tapestry needle for weaving in ends

Stitches used (U.K terms)

  • Ch - Chain

  • Htr - Half Treble

  • Standing half treble

  • Tr - Treble

  • Standing treble

To Start

Colour A

Round 1: Chain 3, make 8 htr in 2nd chain from hook. Join to first htr. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Colour B

Round 2: Join yarn with a standing htr in between any stitch from round 1 (see photo 1)

make another htr in the same place. *Make 2 htr in between each stitch.* Join to first htr. Fasten off and weave in ends. (16 htr )

Photo 1, working between the stitches.

Colour C

Round 3: Join with a standing htr in between any stitch from Round 2. Make another htr in the same space and make 1 htr in the next space. *2 htr in next space, 1 htr in the following space.* Repeat from * to * join to the first htr and fasten off. (24 htr)

Now we are going to start squaring the circle. We will not be working in between the stitches now but working each stitch normally.

Colour D

Round 4: Start with a standing treble in any htr from Round 3. Make another tr in the same stitch. Chain 3, and make 2 tr in the next stitch. *1 tr in the next 4 stitches, 2 tr in the following stitch, ch 3, 2 tr in the next stitch (corner made)* 3 times. Ending with 1 tr in each of the last 4 stitches. Join to first tr. Do not fasten off. (32 trebles, 4 Chain-3 Spaces )

Round 5: Chain 2 ( counts as htr), htr in the next stitch. In the chain 3 space make * 2 htr, ch 1, 2 htr. Then make 1 htr in the next 8 stitches* Repeat from * to * ending with 1 htr in the last 6 stitches. Join to 2nd chain and fasten off. (48 htr, 4 Chain - 1 spaces)

And there we have it. Make sure to block the square to make the edges sharper.

I'd love to see your versions of this square and you can tage me in on instagram @ilikemakingstuff_insta or use the hashtag #ilikemakingstuff

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