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The 100 Day Project

This year I have decided to take part in the 100 day project. The idea is for people to explore their creativity everyday by choosing a simple project and sharing your progress on Instagram.

I have decided to do 100 days of crochet. I am using the Scheepjes stone washed and river washed colour pack. Each pack contains 58 miniature balls of colourful loveliness.

I have decided to crochet different squares in various textures with the aim to join them up to create a small blanket or rug for the house.

As green is my favourite colour I have started with these shades.

This is my progress day 1-9 and I just love how they have all turned out.

I am now making a start on the blue shades and will update my progress when I have completed 9 squares.

For more ore information about the 100 day project you can visit

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